Transforming your staff's potential

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ken Burns on Storytelling

Ken Burns is a national treasure. 

There are so many take-aways for instructional designers and trainers and OD professionals in this five minute piece.  But I won't go on and on.  It speaks for itself. 

What I am reflecting on:

The power of storytelling for teaching in the affective domain.
The power of storytelling to illustrate complex concepts such as cognitive dissonance.
How there is no one version of truth... everybody holds a piece of the truth.

Friday, May 11, 2012

On Teachable Moments

I am a big fan of the comic strip, XKCD.  The best humor is observation of the small ironies and truths of everyday life.  Randall Munroe is brilliant at it.

Having worked in the past in the field of ABE, I am particularly sensitized to the fragile confidence with which adult learners often struggle.  This is also true in workforce training, where people's jobs and professional futures may be on the line.  Most everyone struggles with what I call "the imposter syndrome."  Leaders and trainers must know there are no insignificant comments or tone of voice.

Early wins built confidence and engagement.  Use every opportunity to encourage both.  The more learners can relax in to trusting you and the experience, the more they will learn.