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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Failure: Necessary for Success

The more I read about creativity, the more I read about failure.  Failure is a necessary and integral element of the creative process, for leadership, for success in business, relationships... just about everything.  Here are a couple examples to my point:

From Stanford's School of Engineering's blog, "Ask the Expert":  How Should Organizations Handle Failures?

"The best-run organizations understand that failure enables improvements in everyday work and characterizes the creative process. Dysfunctional companies create a climate of fear where failures are stigmatized and hidden. There, mistakes are never examined, creativity is stifled and progress is difficult."
This Business Week article, "How Failure Breeds Success" argues that breakthroughs depend on failure and the best companies embrace their mistakes.  I particularly like the idea of "failure parties."
From Hack the SystemHabits, Failure, and the Creative Process–How IDEO, the World’s Premier Design Firm, Succeeds by Expecting Failure

In the Creative Liberty blog post: Embracing Creative Failure (I): Getting It Half-Right , insightfully aligns "failure" with the inherent iterative nature of the creative process.
Dave Atack of Intrepid Learning argues we should embrace failure as a learning tool in his post, "Fear of Failure." 

Michael Hyatt, who writes on intentional leadership and Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  In his podcast: How to Benefit from Setbacks and  Failures he speaks to the lessons he's learned from big failures in his work and personal lives.

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