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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Delicious Tidbits: Measurement

A colleague will be speaking on "getting real with measurement" soon at an industry event.  She asked her community of practice to provide her with opinions on what this means to each of us and with resources that might be useful.  Themes that arose were alignment with organizational goals, ROI and "less talking, more doing."  I dug through my Delicious library recently and found some interesting articles and other resources on measurement:

From Educause, an article by George Siemens and Phil Longon on, "Penetrating the Fog: Analytics in Learning and Education."

From the eLearning Curve Blog, a post by Micheal Hanley on:  "Evaluating Non-formal Learning: Validity in Research"

And another eLearning Curve Blog post: "Using Quantitative Data when Evaluating Non-Formal Learning"

A measurement job aid from Will At Work Learning.

From the Dissident: Trying to Find Life's Instructional Manual, a post on
"Measuring the value of communities of practice."

A Beth Kanter blog post on Reporting Social Media Metrics To Stakeholders.

From The Social Organization blog, a post on Social Media Metrics.
And, finally, from Forbes Magazine, an articles on Five New Management Metrics.

Do you have favorite, "go-to" articles or tools you would like to share?  I'd love to see them! 

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