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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Roundtable: Social Learning and Reflective Dialogue

Reflective dialogue is a powerful vehicle to critical thinking and deep understanding.  So often now, much of what is called "dialogue" is not.  It is simply sharing with, or shouting at,others in our increasingly polarized society.  Civil discourse online is even harder:  the physical distance, the anonymity, and other factors feed into a communication culture of multiple monologue, not dialogue.

In response, Roundtable is a website dedicated to empowering meaningful conversations – between thought leaders, between friends, and between curated communities of strangers.  Anyone can "listen in" on these curated conversations on topics like Future of Blogging, Entrepreneurship and Startup Funding. Oh, you can apply to become a member and participate if you think you can add value to the conversation.

This model could be leveraged in many forms of elearning and blended learning settings. My mind is racing with the thought...

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