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Monday, January 10, 2011

Beyond visualizations...

One of my favorite design bloggers, Swiss Miss, found DowPiano and shared it today. Here is what she says:

The Dow Piano audiovisualizes the ups and downs of 2010 into musical notes. Using a five-note scale spanning three octaves, pitch is determined by the daily closing numbers of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The variance in volume mirrors the trading volume changes throughout the year. The notes are clustered in series of five, representing Mondays through Fridays. The weeks are punctuated, separated, and started by drum hits. Follow along with the graph to experience the market in a (somewhat) musical way. Created by Bard Edlund.

I am thinking of the possibilities for information "stickiness" in learning and job aids. I remember lyrics much easier than poems because of the music!

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