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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Delicious tidbits: Persuasive Design

The following are articles in my Delicious library that include the tag "PersuasiveDesign."

From Forbes Magazine, " Jon Kolko On Design That Changes Human Behavior," An interview with Mr. Kolko, who is the associate creative director at Frog Design, a global innovation and design firm, and founder of the Austin Center for Design, a school devoted to using design as a means of social change.

From The Design Observer Group, "Design with Intent: How Designers can Influence Behavior." This article questions user-centric design and suggests new design practices that go beyond ease-of-use to a place where design the design fits "so well with user needs and expectations that it 'dissolves into behavior'."

CNNHealth's article "Self-help treatment effective for binge eating, researchers say," provides an example of persuasive design.

From Shelly's Pybop: "The Big Picture: End-to-End Content Strategy." I believe her approach is a big piece of creating persuasive design.

From UX Matters, "Three Reasons Why Persuasive Design Isn’t Enough to Influence Change." This article discusses the limits of design to affect behavior change.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Visualization: using context and comparison to make meaning

David McCandless, speaking at the TED 2010 conference, provides examples of how much more accurate, useful, and powerful information is when seen in context and not in a vacuum. Viewing data graphically and in relation to other data, rather than in absolute form, provides meaning and supports understanding.