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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cultural Concepts of Choice and Their Impact on Learning and Life

I have always appreciated the adage, "somebody discovered water, but it wasn't a fish." There are so many forces that form how we perceive the world without us even being aware of them, because we are so completely and forever surrounded by them. Language is one. Another is cultural norm. Here is a great presentation on cultural concepts of choice and how they impact our lives.

As an instructional designer, I also wonder how providing choice in learning impacts effectiveness and quality (not only "good vs bad" quality, but the perceived "personality" - for lack of a better term - of the learning experience and the newly acquired knowledge/value/skill.)

Who chooses? How many choices? How do we discern options? Should we always accept the opportunity to choose? Knowing our learners is so important to best facilitating the learning process and understanding the impact.

So many questions to ask ourselves, and so many questions we may not even realize exist to be asked!

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