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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Tidbits: Project-Based Learning

The following are articles in my favorites list that include the tag "Project-Based Learning."

Project-Based Learning Online is a resource for all things PBL.

Reinventing PBL is another online project-based learning resource, this one on a wiki.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finds: The Semantic Web - Making Meaning of Data

Appropriately, as this is a rare 2nd post of the day, this video describes the problem of information overload on the internet. It is a mini-documentary on the Semantic Web, its potential to give meaning to information by overlaying context, and the raging debate over how it should be developed.

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.

Finds: David Byrne on how Architecture Helped Evolve Music

A bit of a stretch on the surface, but there are implications here for ID: Creating the art to fit the context. To ensure optimal learning, what we design and how it is delivered needs to be informed by the venue/context/vessel in-which it is experienced.

Besides, it's David Byrne presenting on the evolution of music. A great experience no matter the parallels.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finds: Behavioral Economics and the logic of the small solution

Rory Sutherland at TED.

From the TED site:
"It may seem that big problems require big solutions, but ad man Rory Sutherland says many flashy, expensive fixes are just obscuring better, simpler answers. To illustrate, he uses behavioral economics and hilarious examples."

There is great fodder for thought here vis-a-vis performance improvement. The big solutions are not always the best (e.g. training is often not the best solution to a performance challenge). Good front-end analysis and a presumption of no budget creates an opportunity for creative problem-solving and good design. Learner control over the process (unlock those navigation controls!), immediate & private micro-feedback (automated?), and an eye to behavior change science (motivation, skill, confidence as pillars) are thoughts that flashed across my mind as I watched this presentation.

Forewarning: The beginning doesn't seem particularly relevant, but when you get to the "lentil" story, you've hit the sweet spot of the presentation.

Friday, June 4, 2010 Tidbits: Backchannel

Here is the periodic sampling from my favorites list. This time I chose the tag "Backchannel."

In training and presentation settings, a backchannel is a tool (or tools) or other established process for supporting real-time conversation (generally now online) alongside live spoken remarks. Backchannels have become commonplace in many industries during conferences, classes and other learning/informational events as a way for the learners to deepen/expand their experience and learning by communicating with those around them.

From the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies' Social Learning Academy: How to use Twitter for Social Learning - Incorporating the Twitter back channel in a presentation

From the Free Technology for Teachers blog: Five Platforms for a Classroom Back-channel Chat

From the Ruminate blog: Understanding the Backchannel