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Sunday, February 7, 2010 Tidbits: Behavior Change

The concept of Behavior Change is common to the health care field. Health behavior change counseling and education is used by physicians and other practitioners to promote good health habits in patients. Effective health behavior change requires three components: motivation, knowledge/skills, and self-efficacy. The approach is applied in other areas of education and training as well.

Here are the most recent articles and resources I've found in my favorites list that include the tag "BehaviorChange." I include an earlier post of mine on the same topic which provides more links:

Williams Instructional Design Behavior Change links

Theories of Change: From "Beyond Intractibility," an overview of behavior change theory from the perspective of conflict resolution.

Change your Behavior, Change your Mind: Michele Martin at Bamboo Project re-posts a great TED presentation by A.J. Jacobs and add her own thoughts as to how it applies to social media.

The Performance Chain: From the "Six Boxes" website, a nice model of how behavior produces business results.

The Information Architecture of Behavior Change Websites: From the Journal of Medical Internet Research, using examples and relevant perspectives from multiple disciplines, the article describe a continuum of website IA designs ranging from a matrix design to the tunnel design.

Social Learning: Situation beats instruction: From Theorypedia, a brief description of social learning theory and the importance of behavior modeling.

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