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Friday, January 29, 2010

Finds: What Makes Design Seem Intuitive?

This entertaining and informative presentation by Jared spool of User Interface Engineering on, "What Makes Design Seem Intuitive?," addresses web design, but much of his message applies to instructional design as well. Some of the gems of insight include:

  1. Good design is so intuitive it is “invisible,” like the perfect temperature in a room
  2. You know when design is NOT intuitive when:
    a) It’s taking much to much time to figure out
    b) You stop thinking about the thing you’re trying to do and start thinking about the tool you’re trying to do it with. That focus shift disrupts everything
  3. What is intuitive is personal. It is based on what people already know walking into the process: their previous experience with that tool (e.g. learning activities, web forms, etc.) or something similar and their domain knowledge. You need to know who your users are.
  4. Design is an evolutionary process. It happens in stages
  5. This process often evolves resistance to evolution by vested interests of the current status quo
  6. Design is needed to bridge current knowledge (what user already knows) to target knowledge (what user needs to know). A user experience is best is when gap is nil (you eliminate the need to learn the tool) or so small you don’t know you are being trained

MFA Interaction Design Spring Lectures: Jared Spool from MFA Interaction Design on Vimeo.

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