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Sunday, May 24, 2009 Tidbits: Corporate Culture

Here is the periodic sampling from my favorites list. This time I chose the tag "Corporate Culture." This is what I found I have:

20 Ways to Evaluate Contributions to a Corporate Social Network: In this blog post, Dave Duarte argues that for companies to utilize their newly minted social networks to successfully:

1) facilitate idea-sharing around a theme or topic (e.g. “Our Brand”),
2) help users find out more about their peers
3) form useful insights to solve particular challenges, and
4) for the network itself to become a useful repository of resources (ideas, inspiration, files, people) for participants,

the technology needs to be managed or curated effectively. He offers 20 subjective criteria to help evaluate contributions to these networks.

Corporate Policies on Web 2.0 : eLearning Technology: From Tony Karrer at eLearning Technology, examples of good corporate policies regarding use of Web 2.0 / social media for work and learning.

How to set up online collaboration in corporations: A practical how-to guide, in PDF format by Jay Cross at the Internet Time Group.

Collaboration consulting—fostering a collaboration culture: From Anecdote, a great discussion that outlines what leaders do that affect corporate culture and provides a how-to outline for creating a collaborative corporate culture.

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