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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Tidbits: Budget

Here is the periodic sampling from my favorites list. Given the state of the economy these days, this time I chose the tag "Budget." Here's what I found I have:

A Manager's Guide to Maximizing Training Investment: From, a laundry list of ways to trim training budgets. To read the full article, you will need to register on their site.

Six New Training Tactics for the Downturn: Again from, which is a community of practice for IT project managers, this article is a list of six training areas to focus on to get the biggest bang for the buck.

Ten Quick Wins in eLearning: A good laundry list by Clive Shepherd for responding nimbly in the economy while still thinking long term.

Learning and Development in a Down Economy: From The Learning Journal by Catherine Lombardozzi. This article discusses her four pillars of guidance for ensuring cost-effective impact in training through tough times: Alignment, Immediacy, Quality, and Applicability.

Estimating Training Design and Developing Time and Costs: From the "Performance, Learning, Leadership, & Knowledge" website, a how-to article with guidelines and instruction for building an accurate training development budget.

What’s a self respecting learning function to do in an economic crisis?: From Gram Consulting, a discussion of 5 things you can do during the downturn to get leaner and improve your value to the organization.

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