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Saturday, December 6, 2008 Tidbits: Reflective Practice

Here is the weekly sampling from my favorites list. This time I chose the tag "Reflective Practice." Here's what I found I have:

Reflective Practice: An Approach for Expanding Your Learning Frontiers: From "MIT Open Courseware", the syllabus page for this online course. All readings, videos of presentations, assignments, and other needed materials are available for self-directed study of this class.

Critical Reflection: A great resource from "Big Dog and Little Dog" on reflective thinking, including: the "essentials", how to encourage reflection; learner, environmental, and task characteristics; the four activities of critical reflection and more.

Blogs and educating the eflective practitioner: From Terry Carter's blog, "Coming about", a reflective post on the title presentation, given by Paul Lowe, director of the master’s degree program in Photo Journalism and Documentary Photography at University of the Arts, London, including the SlideShare version of the presentation itself.

Reflecting on Reflection: A post from the blog "Virtual Learning" by Niall Sclater on a great model for reflection.

Becoming a more Reflective Individual Practitioner: Michelle Martin of "The Bamboo Project" blog, writes often on topics related to reflective practice, and walks her talk. This is a nice, little "how-to" post where she distills it down beautifully.

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