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Sunday, June 15, 2008 Tidbits: Taxonomy

Here is the latest sampling from my favorites list. This time I chose the tag "Taxonomy." Here's what I found I have:

Managing Taxonomies: A blog post on "taxonomy creep," and the benefits of search technologies as a response.

Staged Debates on Taxonomies: Video conversatons on topics such as: Do taxonomies make managing content easier, Do content management systems need a taxonomy to function, Is there such thing as a galactic taxonomy/uber taxonomy, and Does a taxonomy have to have at least three levels?

Taxonomy Development Process: A .pdf handout by Boeing Company librarians Kathryn Breininger and Mary Whittaker on their taxonomy development process

Better Living Through Taxonomies: An article in "Digital Web Magazine," defining the term taxonomy and describing their architectures and elements.

Saturday, June 7, 2008 Tidbits: Visualization, Visual Language & Visual Thinking

Here is the latest sampling from my favorites list. This time I chose the tags "Visualization," "VisualLanguage" and "VisualThinking." Here's what I found I have:

For Successful PowerPoint Presentations, Look to Cartoonists:
An article that encourages a look to cartoonists for inspiration for good presentations. The author posits that "some of the best uses of PowerPoint come from the masters of verbal/visual, picture/word communication: cartoonists."

Visualizing Information for Advocacy:
A .pdf booklet on how to display information.

175+ Data and Information Visualization Examples and Resources:
The title says it all...

Forms, Fields and Flows:
A short video, by the (IMHO) brilliant Dave Gray, that introduces some basic principles of visual language.

The Whirl:
Another great video by Dave Gray on some of the cognitive challenges of the information age, and why visual language is an important tool for dealing with them.

The Back of a Napkin:
A website promoting the book, "The Back of a Napkin" by Dan Roam, that itself provides loads of information about solving business problems and communicating ideas by using visual thinking.

Visual Thinking:
A flickr image collection under the tag, "Visual Thinking."